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CMMS Video Course Video Course

The MP includes a video course which is definitely the easiest and most practical way to learn how to use the program. Forget about reading and interpreting long manuals! The video course and Demos included in the MP show all the functions of the program step by step.

By watching this video course, any person can implement the program in a very short time. Furthermore, if you have any doubts, our technical support department will be pleased to assist you.

Optionally, we offer on-site training, consultancy and assistance courses.

"Learn to use the program easily and practically. "


The MP Course has more than 90 videos organized in modules or courses.
MP Basic Course in 7 lessons The Basic Course in 7 lessons is designed as a quick guide to start setting up the MP in a short time. The 7 videos last approximately 1 hour and a half and include operation and basic functioning concepts. Once you have understood the 7 lessons of the basic course, you will be able to start setting up the MP.
Complete MP Course Once you have acquired the basic knowledge, you will find a great variety of additional videos in this course which will broaden your knowledge Product, showing additional modules and helping you discover a lot of advanced functions that will help you make the most of your maintenance program.
Spare Parts Inventory Course This course explains everything related to the Spare Parts inventory and its link to the MP.
Tools Tracker Course This course explains everything related to the Tools Tracker program and its link to the MP.
Job Requests through Internet or Intranet Course This course explains the mechanism to report maintenance job requests through Internet or Intranet and how the personnel in charge of the maintenance management receive those requests.
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