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Time using the MP: 10 years

  • Powerful tool for the Preventive Maintenance Management.
  • Great help for planning, performing and providing feedback on corrective maintenance jobs.
  • Excellent support for reports: Stoppage times, failures pareto, Preventive vs. Corrective, etc.
  • Great ease in the Export and Import of Word and Excel documents.
  • It has allowed us to gradually incorporate Predictive Maintenance such as Thermographs, Ultrasound, etc.
  • It allows scheduling external services

Ing. Víctor Manuel Torres Ramos
Jefe de Mantenimiento
Siemens Transformadores SA de CV
Tel. (52) 473-735-1799
Guanajuato - MEXICO

Medica sur

Our mission is to be a company with world-class maintenance. Furthermore, we are users of the MP Version 9 since January, 2009.

This system, despite the short application time, has made a considerable improvement in the planning of preventive maintenance, inventory control and tools.

Its adaptation among the personnel is based on its versatility.

Our experience with this system has allowed us to obtain greater scopes and to be one of the most productive departments within the company.

Without a doubt, with the efforts from the administrative and operative personnel, obtaining better results is just a matter of time.

Ing. Miguel A. Soto Flores
Subdirección de Mantenimiento
Médica Sur S.A.B. de C.V.
Tel. 5424 72 00 ext. 7253

Carta CMMS
puma energy

Since 2007 all our terminals in Latin America use the MP version 9 for managing maintenance of various assets. We also manage inventory warehouses and man hours of our technicians, achieving thereby excellent control in maintenance management.

Ing Carlos Garcia
Global Operations Manager


We have used the MP since 1999, starting with Version 7.0, and then we migrated to Version 8.1. Our experience with the application is excellent. It has allowed us to reduce, after 2 years, our corrective maintenance costs on site by 15%. Furthermore, it has allowed us to organize the maintenance unit in a more efficient area and with response times for our customers (production) in a more agile and quick way.

The MP has definitely turned out to be the best solution to our maintenance problems

Ing. Julian Munera
Gerente de Sistemas
Tel. 00-57-3006548668
Tel. 00-57-4-2655565
Medellin - COLOMBIA

Bimbo Toluca

The Universidad Tecnológica del Valle of Toluca started using the MP Maintenance Management and Control Software, Version 9, in April 2008 with the participation of Víctor Villegas Salgado, Guillermo Fernando Troche Molina and Yesenia Villa Cortez.

In the Academic Engineering and Maintenance Systems Department, we see this tool as a valuable resource for the academic and professional education of those studying Industrial Maintenance.

This is why we have introduced the MP software, Version 9, in the subjects "Introduction to Maintenance" and "Maintenance Management" in the second and fourth term. We are also using the MP as an essential part in the professional practices projects, directly applying it in the work field.

At the Universidad Tecnológica del Valle of Toluca we strongly believe that this tool will be an important factor in the preparation and professional environment of our students.

M. en A. Victor Villegas Salgado
Division Mantenimiento Ind.
Tel. 728-28-599-69
Lerma de Villada, Edo. Mex - MEXICO

telefonica chile

We use the MP version 9 since 2009, achieving national control of all planned and corrective maintenance of infrastructure and equipment, plus the MP version 9 allows us to control the management and efficiency of our contractors. It is important to mention the service we received from MP-SYSTEM CHILE during the implementation process and after sale.

Ing Hugo Munitas
Infrastructure Submanager of Movistar Chile

Logo Tecnoglass

The MP application in its Version 8.1. has been used at our plant since 2006. Together with the company MP SYSTEM ,S.A , the application supplier in Colombia, we have developed a long and complex parameterization and adaptation process to our maintenance systems.

The system maintains all our production and infrastructure lines. We also use the inventory module to control our spare parts warehouse together with the maintenance module.

Although there has been a short time to measure results, up to the present the system has allowed us to reorganize our maintenance department and to change people’s culture towards preventive maintenance. Obtaining optimum results is just a matter of time.

Ing. Armando del Vecchio
Gerente Tecnico de Planta
Tel. 00-57-5-3734020
Barranquilla - COLOMBIA

Logo Transierra

In 2010, after an extensive international bidding process, MP System won the contract for the implementation of the maintenance software MP version 9 at our facility in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Since the implementation of the MP software, we effectively control and manage maintenance of the pipeline and its assets. MP version 9 allowed us also to analyze statistics on faults to optimize the life of the assets.

Ing Raúl Torres
Maintenance Manager

Logo ESWindows

We have been using the MP 8.1 software since 2005, maintaining all our production equipment and controlling our spare parts and work tools warehouse.

Its ease of use and our personnel's quick adaptation surprised us. We have improved critical equipment in a very short time by increasing preventive maintenance and controlling availability times of the equipment.

Ing. Marlon Cerra
Gerente de Mantenimiento
Tel. 00-57-5-3300606
Tel. 00-57-3158003771
Barranquilla - COLOMBIA

G Altex

We implemented the MP version 9 since 2011 to manage maintenance in our plant. With the MP we have improved maintenance management and now we are able to analyze the most recurrent faults and its root cause. With the MP we have optimized the life of our machines and equipment. We refer also to the excellent service and support of the company MP SYSTEM, SA.

Ing Rodrigo Gómez
Maintenance Manager


We bought the MP version 9 in February 2011 for the maintenance management of biomedical equipment and electrical systems in our hospital. After the implementation we achieved total control over all activities, use of spare parts and our contractors.

Ing Rodrigo Arriagada Zapata
Electrical Maintenance Section Supervisor


We bought the MP in its version 9 in February 2008, whose implementation was a joint process with the company MP SYSTEM, provider of the software. Today we control preventive and corrective maintenance on the production area. The software has converted in an excellent tool to report failures or incidents via a web software that comes within the MP package, allowing us to handle requests for maintenance and provide better service to our users in the production area. MP has resulted undoubtedly the best solution to our problems of maintenance management.

Jhon Gracia
Maintenance Planner

Logo Pepsico

In 2011 we acquired the MP in its version 9 Enterprise to manage our maintenance department. The implementation brought us savings of time when querying information. Today we have all the information updated and now we can control and schedule all preventive and corrective jobs, in addition to the excellent service and support we have received from the international company MP SYSTEM.

Ing. Jorge Gonzalez
Maintenance Manager

Logo Sodexo

Since 2005 Sodexo Latin America uses the software MP to manage maintenance in several countries where we operate, such as Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia etc.. This product has enabled us to ensure our internal and external customers the optimum operation of our equipment and infrastructure, ensuring excellent cost / benefit ratio. The implementations have been successful thanks to the support of the company MP SYSTEM SA in different countries

Ing Felipe Vidal
Director of Facilities Management.

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