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MP version 9





  • Equipment Catalog
  • Locations Catalog
  • Plans Catalog
  • Routine Maintenance Jobs Schedule
  • Control of Non Routine Maintenance Jobs
  • Damages Query
  • History of Maintenance Jobs Performed
  • Control by Date and/or Readings
  • Work Order Generator
  • History of Closed WOs
  • Equipment Open WOs Query
  • Automatic Calendars Generator
  • Failure and Root Cause Analysis
  • Scheduled vs. Performed Jobs Graph
  • Failures and Stoppages Graph
  • Microsoft Access Databases

All MP Basic
Features plus:

  • Spare Parts Inventory Module
  • Tools Control Module
  • Labor Catalog
  • Suppliers and Services Catalog
  • Definition of Customized Fields for Equipment
  • Images Association
  • Attachment files
  • Predictive Maintenance Measurements Registry
  • Out-of-limit Measurements Alert
  • Measurements History Graph
  • Resources and Maintenance Activities Association
  • Query of Associated Resources
  • Resource Flow
  • Voucher Generator
  • Supplies Registry
  • Vouchers Query
  • Consumption Query

All MP Professional
Features plus:

  • Module to Report Maintenance Requests over the Intranet/Internet
  • Distribution of WOs Graph (based on the workload assigned to each worker)
  • Scheduled Stoppages Calendar Generator
  • Maintenance Indexes
  • Follow-up and Control of Guarantees
  • Information Export
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 Databases
  • Oracle 9i/10g Databases
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