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MP is a professional software for maintenance planning and scheduling

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DEMO 1 - Equipment and Locations Catalogs

This video demonstrates all aspects related to equipment catalogue. In this video you will see that the MP allows you to document in the database all information related to each equipment, for example, plans, diagrams, technical tabs, localization, manuals, etc..

DEMO 2 - Routine Maintenance Schedule

An essential part to control preventive maintenance is the creation of maintenance plans or routines. The video explains what a maintenance plan is, its structure and edition as well as the link of every piece of equipment, machinery or location with its corresponding maintenance plan.

DEMO 3 - Maintenance Calendars

In the maintenance calendars, the MP marks the dates when the different maintenance jobs must be performed. In this video, you will see several presentations of the maintenance calendars. You will see how maintenance calendars are every day automatically updated according to the jobs performed and not performed.

DEMO 4 - Resources

In providing maintenance, spare parts monitoring, consumables, the workforce, outsourcing and the tools required for the adequate performance of the maintenance works are essential. This video demonstrates how the MP can give you control of these resources. We present an estimation of the resources flow and show how we can contact and interact with the Spare Part Inventory and Tool Control software from the MP.

DEMO 5 - Work Order Generation

Every day the MP, analyzes the dates of scheduled jobs and informs about the works to be performed in the period. This video shows through a practical example, the process of generating the work orders.

DEMO 6 - Upgrade, Administration and Closing Work Orders

The video shows everything about the upgrade, administration and closing of the work orders, and query of the job history performed.

DEMO 7 - Failure Analysis and Root Causes

Discover the types of machines that have more failures, the most frequent failures and their root causes.

DEMO 8 - Cost Charts, Activities Performed VS Scheduled, Shutdowns, Etc.

Generate many queries, charts and reports related to maintenance management, such as cost graphics, activities performed, failures, shutdowns, shutdowns duration, etc...

DEMO 9 - Graphic History

The charts and reports that you will see in the video make up a wonderful tool for decision making on maintenance management at your company, for example, failure analysis and root causes, cost analysis, maintenance indexes, history, etc.

DEMO 10 - Maintenance Indexes

The video shows the maintenance indexes which estimates the MP. (Average Time Between Failures, Average Time To Reparation and Availability)

DEMO 11 - Spare Parts Inventory Program

This video gives a complete tour through the Spare Parts Inventory program, showing how to edit data in the spare parts catalogue training, changes in entries and deletions, stock enquiries, cost enquiries, kardex, supply calculations, purchases, history, and much more.

DEMO 12 - Tools Tracker Program

Through an example, this video demonstrates the operation and the scopes of this practical software that allows you to keep a full handle on the safeguard and return of the tools given to workers. With the software, you can find out at any time where a certain tool is or who has it under their care, and obtain an updated list of all the tools an employee has under their guard.

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